Welcome to the Family Counseling Center of Greater Washington’s website.


Please allow me to briefly share the history of the Family Counseling Center of Greater Washington (FCCGW) and introduce you to some aspects of our work.

The FCCGW is the only non-profit organization in the area that is

primarily devoted to Professional Counseling and Mental Health Service

with a focus on Korean & Asian Americans.


In 1974, 26 area Christian women first established the Family Counseling Center of Greater Washington. Their intent was to help immigrant families as they settled in their new country. Our founders wanted to help those families because many were struggling with the English language, many experienced cultural differences and many had a difficult time adjusting to a new environment.


As the immigrant families adjust to their adopted country, new problems emerged and in the early 1980’s, the FCCGW began providing professional counseling services to help deflate pressures, conflicts and problems within and among these families by offering counseling services, provided by highly trained, culturally astute, bi-lingual and compassionate counselors.


                   ‘Healthy individual, happy family & Harmonious Community’


is our motto, it has been at the core of our very being; it is the reason we provide counseling services for individuals, couples and families, parents/children and  child/youth settings.  We are a Virginia Certified Parenting Education Class Provider and we also provide counseling services in the privacy of clients' homes. For low-income seniors, we provide senior programs that support socialization for persons who are oftentimes linguistically isolated.


As we continue lend a helping hand to individuals and families who are struggling with mental conditions,  we ask for your unwavering support and partnership. Together we will continue to serve and together we will grow in the process. 


Thank you,


 Cindy Han

Chairperson of the Board

워싱턴 가정상담소는 1974년에 26명의 여성들이 주축이되어 한국의 어려운 여성들을 위해 세워진후 80년대 부터는 경제적 어려움과 언어의 불편, 문화의 차이, 또한 새로운 환경에 적응하기 힘들어 어려움을 겪는 이민 가정들을 도와오면서,

오늘에 이르렀습니다.


‘건강한 개인, 행복한 가정, 화목하고 평화로운 사회’ 를 우리의 vision 으로 삼고

한인 가정들이 행복하며 자녀들이 건강한 성인으로 자라서 주류사회의 미래를 이끌어 갈수있는 주역이 될수있도록 돕고 있습니다.


저희 상담소는 가정과 자녀들에게 힘과 용기를 주는 전문상담기관으로, 부부갈등, 부모자녀 문제, 아동 및 청소년 상담, 미술/그룹상담, 청소년 P2P 프로그램과,

또한 문제 예방을 위한 정기적인 부모교육 세미나, 삶의 질을 향상시키는

많은 워크샵등과 함께, 저소득층 어르신들을 위한 내방상담,

시니어 프로그램 등을 제공하고 있습니다.


소외되고 힘든 이웃들을 성심껏 도울수있는

더욱 성숙한 기관으로 발전할 수있도록 적극적인 성원을 부탁드립니다.




워싱턴 가정상담소 이사장




1952 Gallows Road #210

Vienna, VA 22182

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TTY: 711 (Relay                               Service)

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