Our Mission

The Family Counseling Center of Greater Washington (FCCGW) is a non-profit organization pursuing the goals to improve the overall mental health, bonding of family members, and the quality of life of those individuals and families that they belong to. We empower multicultural individual families within the Washington D.C. metropolitan area by providing evidence-based counseling services, various youth and parent education programs to promote awareness and preventive measures. 

Welcome to the Family Counseling Center of Greater Washington


Please allow me to briefly share the history of the Family Counseling Center of Greater Washington (FCCGW) and introduce you to some aspects of our work. The FCCGW is the only non-profit organization in the area that is primarily devoted to Professional Counseling and Mental Health Service with a focus on Korean/Asian Americans.


In 1974, 26 Christian women in the area first established the Family Counseling Center of Greater Washington. Their intent was to help immigrant families as they settled in their new country. Our founders wanted to provide help those families as many were
struggling with English language, experiencing cultural differences, and had  
difficult time adjusting to a new environment.


As the immigrant families adjusted to their adopted country, new problems emerged and in the early 1980’s, the FCCGW began providing professional counseling services to help deflate pressures, conflicts and problems within these families by offering counseling services provided by highly trained, culturally astute, bilingual and compassionate counselors.


Our motto is, “Healthy Individual, Happy Family, & Harmonious Community.” It has been at the core of our very being; it is the reason we provide counseling services for individuals, couples and families, parents/children and child/youth settings.  We are a
Virginia Certified Parenting Education Class Provider and we also provide counseling services in the privacy of client's home. For low-income seniors, we provide senior programs that support socialization for persons who are often linguistically isolated.


As we continue lend a helping hand to individuals and families who are struggling with mental conditions, we ask for your unwavering support and partnership. Together, we will continue to serve and together we will grow in the process. 

Thank you,

 Cindy Han
Chairperson of the Board