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major grantors

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lifetime foundation directors

$330,000.00: Dr. Chang Ho Ahn/In Ok Ahn (안창호/안인옥)

$10,000 & Above:  

Ahn,  Kyung Mi (안경미)

Choi, Helen (백혜원)

 Kang,  Ok Hyung (강옥형)

 Chung, In Sook (정인숙)

Elmejjad, Jeung Hwa (이정화)

Han, Cindy (신신자)

Kim, Esther (이연옥)

Kim, Soo Kyung(

Lee,  Jung Hee (이정희)

Lee,  Kyung Ae (이경애)

Lee,  Young Sook (이영숙)

Paik,  Kyung Jean (백경진)

Park,  Ok-Young (박옥영)

Sohn, MokJa (손목자)

Song, Docil (송도실)

Suicide Prevention Fund

Ms. Park, Ok Young, a former board chair at FCCGW has donated $20,000 to the Suicide Prevention Fund.  

Donation For Walk-A-Thon

Anthem Healthkeepers  has donated $1,000 to the Fight Suicide Walk-A-Thon.

annual banquet Sponsors

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the sponsors of the Annual Fundraising Banquets.

2019, the 45th Annual Banquet

2018, the 44th Annual Banquet

2017, the 43rd Annual Banquet

Past Annual Banquets