Come join us Saturday, August 21st to the

2021 Fight Suicide Walkathon

We invite you to the Fight Suicide Walk-A-Thon event on Saturday, August 21st. The event will raise awareness of suicide by creating a sense of community support for the mental health of those in the Washington area. Please join us in fostering a community of growth and healing, and hope you will walk with us.

Please consider donating to our campaign. We endeavor to provide mental health services to those who are in need. 

Your contribution is tax-exempt. We are a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) organization.

special thanks

Suicide Prevention Fund

Ms. Park, Ok Young, a former board chair at FCCGW has donated $20,000 to the Suicide Prevention Fund.

Donation for Walk-A-Thon
Anthem Healthkeepers has donated $2,000 to the Fight Suicide Walk-A-Thon.